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Depyrogenated Tips & Tubes

HD Pharma Solutions supply a wide range of products which include Depyrogenated Tips, Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable prices.

Pipette Tips

Expell and ExpellPlus Bulk tips come in self-standing and self-sealing plastic bags, enabling comfortable usage and storage. The tips can be used directly from the bag or can be manually refilled into all Capp racks. Each bag has a label showing the catalogue and the batch number for easier identification.

The Capp tips in bulk feature a premium design and a crystal clear clarity as well as accurate graduation marks for exact pipetting. They are available in different lengths within the same volume range for different applications.

Capp Bulk pipette tips are the ideal choice for cost-sensitive customers. The tips are manufactured under the same strict conditions as all other types of Capp tips and are certified according to RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free standards. They offer universal compatibility with all major pipette brands on the market.

Capp tips are produced in a clean-room facility to eliminate the risk of contamination with absolutely no compromise made on the quality parameters.

Reloading Tips

Expell reloading tips system is the perfect choice for users wishing to save on plastic waste and storage space. CAPP reloading tips system is extremely easy to use and most cost effective compared to bulk or racked systems. The refill tips are delivered in handy towers consisting of plates with refill tips. The plates are easy to pick up and insert into the empty racks. CAPP reloading tips plates are fully compatible with all CAPP racks of filter and non filter tips. Empty racks are also available. Both the tips and the racks are autoclavable. Save substantially on plastic consumption and shipping costs by reusing your empty tip racks permanently

Easy to use

Very convenient compared to some of the other reloading systems available


The most cost effective solution compared to bulk or racked systems


Save considerable bench space and minimize your downtime

Eco friendly

Save substantially on plastic consumption and shipping costs. Reuse your empty tip racks permanently

Individually Wrapped Tips

CAPP ExpellPlus individually wrapped tips are exceptionally sterile liquid handling tools designed for scientists working with sensitive samples. Each tip is compliant with the most stringent aseptic requirements and is supplied in sterile packaging. ExpellPlus individually wrapped tips are manufactured from CAPP’s unique plastic polymer composition which significantly reduces sample adhesion by maximizing tip hydrophobicity. This translates to superior levels of accuracy and reproducible volumes across different pipetting cycles.

Assuring greatest purity standards

free from Endotoxin, DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor.

Four volume sizes

10 µL standard and extended length, 200 µL and 1000 – 1250 µL

Universally compatible

with the majority of pipette brands available on the market.

Unique composition of plastic polymer

the inner surface is more hydrophobic, which significantly reduces sample adhesion.

Endotoxin-free Glass Test Tubes

Product Introduction
This lal tube is made of borosilicate glass, comes with aluminum caps. We can supply you with this product in various sizes for gel clot reactions, sample dilutions and control standard endotoxin dilutions. It is suitable for scientific experiments, storage of powder and liquid. This tube can also be used to grow plants. In addition, our lal tube also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and not easily broken. It is also easy to clean.

Our Advantages
The lal tube we produce is sold well both at domestic and abroad. It is durable, can give a long service life. We have our own factory, which is well equipped. Each product is made under strict quality control. So you can rest assured that the quality of our products is guaranteed and the price we offer is competitive. We can supply you with this product in a large quantity at wholesale prices. Please let us know if you are interested!